Jimmy’s Home for Wayward Dogs and a Cat Named George TV

This channel will show Jimmy and his pups (and the cat named George).

The Grande Dames: Bisquet & Sausage – the first two dogs rescued and the Matriarchs of the family. Sausage passed away in August of 2011 and Bisquet passed in 2014. 


sonny & Cher


The 3 special puppies


The Chastity Shuffle she isn’t drunk – this is one of the special needs puppies. She lived to be 8 years old. She held the center part of my heart…and still does. 


Hippity Hop The middle child of our special puppies. You will notice she doesn’t have full command of her back legs…that is from the puppy-palsy but she also broke her hip ball joint and had to have it removed at an early age. She doesn’t know anything is different from the others – and we don’t tell her any differently. 


George the Cat. George was the very first animal I rescued and he recently passed in 2013.


Sonny & Cher just want to be loved…


Lucky Boy


Dogs eat the strangest things


Lucky Song. I make these songs up as I go…yeah, I know it’s not great – but Lucky likes it anyway! 


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