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Below is when we met the Pioneer woman – read the story below the video first.

Meeting the Pioneer Woman. Read the story below. 

Here’s the story…I was in NYC exhibiting at the NY International Gift Fair January 2010. This was the height of being in a major financial bind due to a vast drop in business and too high overhead. I had only enough money to cover my hotel for the first 5 days…and I was trusting that somehow I would have the money for the second portion of my time in the city. I was surviving on $1 hot dogs from street vendors. On Tuesday afternoon of the show I was in the booth uploading my emails on my phone. “Authorize.net” repeatedly began downloading, one after the other…continually. The notices were from our credit card processor notifying us that we have had a credit card purchase on the site.  There seemed to be hundreds of them…one email after the other, it kept going. I instantly thought,  “OH MY Golly! Some poor woman in Tupelo is getting charged $92.55 over and over again…the website’s system is going nuts!!!” As I opened the emails, I see that each charge is for a different amount and a different person’s name! “OH MY Golly! Something has hit!” and Maggie called me at that very moment and said,  “Jimmy! Some woman on a website has blogged about our candles and the site is going absolutely bananas! We have hundreds of orders!”

It ended up being over 300 orders. And that woman was The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond.

I’m not kidding…the money processed thru our bank and hit the account the very morning I had to pay our bill for the last few nights of our trip. I’m telling you it was a MIRACLE!

So, a year later when we found out Ree was coming to Dallas for a book signing  – you bet your poodle we were going to go meet her.

The entire process was about an 11 hr deal… and on Valentine’s Day to boot!  But Maggie and I got to spend one enjoyable and memorable Valentine’s Day together and meet THE woman who “SAVED THE DAY”  — and that is putting it mildly.

Thank you Ree Drummond!

By the way, her favorite candle is SEXE. Once you read some of her blog…you’ll know why. Go Marlboro Man!